How I coped with a dairy intolerant baby

How I coped with a dairy intolerant baby

So first blog ever!! I thought I may be able to help any mums out there coping with a dairy intolerant baby or trying to work out why their baby wont sleep!!

I am a mum of 3 , my eldest son didn’t sleep through the night until he was 3 years old!! I remember at baby groups the mums saying my baby sleeps from 7pm-7am, mine from 6pm-8am – well I was lucky if mine slept for 3 hours before waking screaming! I think as a 1st time mum I just put up with it presuming some babies just don’t sleep – people would say – intelligent babies sleep less!! I liked that one and my son definately picked things up quickly – well he was awake more hours than any other baby so he would!!

Well baby 2 my daughter was a much better sleeper from the start, I don’t remember quiet how long she slept (funny how you always remember the bad more clearly) but she didnt wake screaming !!

Baby 3 is where I discovered Dairy Intolerance at its worst but it also opened my eyes to why my first born didn’t sleep and how due to not knowing why he didn’t sleep he still has issues sleeping now which I will get into later.

So from the first night bringing baby 3 home I was worried as I was up with him all night screaming and making straining sounds- he was unconsoleable, the only thing which calmed him was breast feeding him which as he was making straining noises I was trying not to do as I thought he must be full of wind and I would be making him feel worse, though he was so upset I was having to!! this went on, some nights being worse than others, the midwifes and health visitors were no help just telling me to make sure I wind him, showing me different winding techniques, telling me to make sure I was feeding with both breasts, but nothing helped, I also went to the doctors as he had very small amounts of blood in his poo when I was prescribed laxatives for him as they thought as he was straining for poo he may have torn himself – though his poo was completely liquid so I knew laxatives wouldn’t be the answer!I did remember having this with baby 1 as I was in hospital with baby 1 for 5 nights as he had jaundice and from night 1 I didnt sleep as he screamed so much, the nurses would come in and tell me if he didn’t calm down he would have to go in the baby room as he was waking everybody – not very helpful for a first time mum!!!

Anyway, I went from when he was born in August until November before I went out for a very large latte at marks and spencers!! that afternoon by baby had a nappy full of blood!! I made a rush appointment at the doctors for that day to then be sent straight to the baby ward at Southampton General hospital to be diagnosed with either animal milk protein intolerance or milk protein allergy.

from that day in 2014 until now I have been Dairy free as still breastfeeding as is my boy. We now as a household with husband and kids all drink almond milk instead of cows milk though some of us still have cheese and other items with milk in, we have cut it down drastically.

My daughters eczema has disappeared at times when we have been strict with her not having dairy and I have lost over 2 stone so I am in no hurry to go back to cows milk!!

So when breastfeeding and your baby is diagnosed with milk protein intolerance all dairy and soy must be removed from your diet – soy milk has some of the same proteins as animal milk I was told in hospital.

In my next post I will write what foods I have found can be eaten-  as the first couple of weeks after diagnosis I did feel like I was wasting away!! and now I enjoy food more than ever!!

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